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Accredited investor?

The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) defines an accredited investor as an individual with a net worth of at least $1 million (excluding the equity in your home) or net income the last two years of $200,000 (if joint income with spouse $300,000) and with a reasonable expectation of equal or greater earnings in the current calendar year. If net worth is above these amounts, then you are considered accredited automatically.

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Extensive listing of DST 1031 properties with extensive due dilligence

  • Direct access to PPM document with 10-year projected cash flows.
  • Side-by-side property comparisons with key offering data.
  • Properties approved through extensive due diligence.
  • Sort by leverage, lease type, and click through to executive summary and PPM.

Customized DST Portfolio

Diversifies exchange equity into multiple DSTs to meet individual investment objectives and 1031 exchange requirements

  • Reports blended DST financial data projections over the hold period.
  • Calculates blended leverage to eliminate mortgage boot.
  • Computes new tax basis to shelter cash flow from income taxes.
  • Selecting high growth real estate within strong communities and resilient markets.

Modern Real Estate Investing Book

  • We wrote the book on DSTs (available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play).
  • With over 20 years of experience, over multiple recession and recovery cycles.
  • Over $1 Billion in syndicated offerings brokered.
  • We know the real estate and the sponsors that create value through any market cycle.
  • Reports blended DST financial data projections over the hold period.

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Coast to coast coverage

  • Meet with one of our experts and see why we've been A+ rated for over 19 years by the Better Business Bureau.
  • We care for the people behind the investment and work with sponsors who share our values.
  • Deep knowledge of real estate tax law